Galaxy Collection 2008 Galaxy Collection Winter 2008

Galaxy*: gal*ax*y (gal'ek-se)*1. Any numerous large-scale aggregrates of stars, gas and dust that constitute the universe. 2. Any assembly of brillant, glamorous, or distinguished persons or things.

For my Galaxy Collection, Winter 2008 I wanted to construct more delicate pieces out of handmade twigs, charms, stardust balls and Drusy* stones, as well as some delicate pieces with peruvian opals and handmade sterling beads and wire wrapped leather and sterling beads.

*Drusy: druse ldroozl 1. A rock cavity lined with a crust of projecting crystals.

Summer 2007 Collection

Smmer 2007 Collection

The bigger the better is my catch phrase this spring/summer! I found some fantastic places near and far where I got some magnificent semi-precious stones as well as handcrafted silver from Bali. This line was inspired by a desire for more color and larger statements in our everyday lives. Every piece is unique! All materials are organic, semi-precious and 100% sterling silver, as always.
International Collection
This line was inspired by art from around the world. You can
see timeless influences from China, Egypt and Africa. These pieces make bold rich statements.

The Charmers

These pieces are sweet and feminine yet bold enough to be noticed. The stones are carefully picked from the earth and the designs are shaped to enhance a woman's natural beauty.

The Whispers

We started this line as a custom piece for a woman who needed something feminine yet simple enough to take her from the office to evening. Not too busy, but a little does a lot with these Whispers.

Of The Earth
Earthy and casual, these pieces can be worn everyday and simply enhance any outfit.
Chokers and Bracelets
Our ornate chokers are made to be worn to the most elegant of affairs, yet I would not hesitate to wear one with a pair of faded Levis.
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